Shandy Walls

Business Consultant


The success that I have enjoyed in life is largely due to what I learned as a kindergartner…life is about relationships.

People are in our lives for a variety of reasons - we have spouses and children and family and friends.

Some friends are our confidants, some are our hanging out with friends, shopping friends, friends in college, friends because of kids, wild fun friends, quiet, introspective friends and business friends.

While I didn’t always know this, business is the same.

I have built businesses, sports organizations, a chamber of commerce and raised millions of dollars for charities. It all comes back to the same thing - it’s about relationships.

You need a plan - of course you do - and I will help you create that plan.

But along the way, the power of your relationships will become the little dot-to-dot connectors that will make the difference.


Perhaps the least patient person you will ever meet - I am gifted at being able to fit the proverbial square peg into the round hole.

What 30 years of business experience has taught me, however, is that even if you CAN that does not mean that you SHOULD.

Having an end game and a plan to guide you there is a must, you can trust me on this because I've learned the hard way.

My newest business - Garbage Girls - won a New Business of the Year award in its first year out.

My first business, Room to Grow Children’s Boutique, almost bankrupted my family. The 25 years in between have been filled with learning and experience that you can learn from.


Shandy Walls Sunrise Coyote Football

Sunrise Coyotes Youth Football Club. Tired of driving my son 30 minutes to football practice 3 times a week (and back!) the seed was planted in my mind for starting a local club.

Without a field, equipment, uprights or players - I managed to gain entrance into the league in January of 2014 and we hit the field in July of that same year, with 5 championships to our names and over 150 youth involved to date.

Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Springfield Chamber of Commerce. As an elected councilor in the RM of Springfield, MB, I identified that a gap existed in our business community. With two years before the next election, I recognized the timing was perfect, put together an amazing team and we were up and running within 2 months and now, four years later - boast a membership of over 115 businesses.

Shandy Walls Garbage Girls

Garbage Girls 204. Recognizing a service gap in our local area, I formed Garbage Girls. A recipient of New Business of the Year, we have enjoyed great press and the customers that come along with that.

Shandy Walls Room to Grow
Shandy Walls STARS

Shandy Walls Consulting. Assisting clients in increasing sales and profile, land acquisition, fundraising for major projects, political strategy/campaigns and business start-up efforts.


When a business is looking for a consultant, it is usually because they need professional expertise that doesn’t exist within their own organization. They want a dynamic individual who can quickly absorb complex information in order to develop solutions, and they want someone who will hit the ground running with enthusiasm and passion. Dugald Place Assisted Living found all these qualities in Shandy Walls Consulting when searching for professional fundraising help. While our relationship is still quite new, Shandy has already demonstrated her fundraising knowledge, background and passion for our project was the missing link we needed to succeed.

Leslie Thomson

"Shandy has an impressive talent to identify unique insights and opportunities and presents her ideas in a clear and structured way. She is a powerful shadow partner. I would have not been able to recognize some of my recent project opportunities without her. She has a unique ability to consider valuable immediate actions, as well as long-term vision goals, while being very aware of potential roadblocks, and providing potential solutions. When it’s time for ‘change’ or acting on big vision, project or strategy, I want Shandy there!"

President, Jessica Dumas Coaching and Training

"Shandy is one of those incredibly motivated professionals who offers the trifecta of a great consultant and colleague: she thinks big, gets stuff done and has fun doing it. Above all, she is relentless in her pursuit of results. "

CEO Alberta Cancer Foundation

"During the closure of my salon due to covid for 3 months. Shandy Walls Consulting helped me tremendously.

Working with Shandy we worked together & implemented plans that keep my salon bills paid!
It was so refreshing to have honest and helpful insight. She blended the information if her experience and her knowledge on small business and came up with several methods to create income streams for my salon.

Thank you so much for your time and professionalism."

Hair Ink